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Feeling Blue

I haven’t wanted to write lately because I haven’t wanted to be honest with myself about how things are really going. I’ve been repeating “I love my life,” unconsciously to myself, willing it to be true. But it’s been a tough winter, and at times I’ve felt pretty down in […]

52 Project


Cashed out in the hiking pack on the way down the mountain. A blogger I’ve long followed and admired has taken part in a year-long photo challenge where she posts one photo of her kiddos per week. One portrait from her nice camera that she’s taken the time to select, edit and […]


The Martins

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I LOVE taking photos of families. Especially my own! Ha! This little dude is something special. Being his aunt, I got the privilege of taking his newborn photos and these at seven months, and oh my word he could not be any cuter. He and […]


Intentions for 2017

I usually start my list of things I want to do in the next year around October. I’ll jot things down in my notebook, or log ideas in the notes on my phone. Scribble intentions down in between dishes and laundry or while I feed Emmett. Make a little note so […]


Christmas at the Lake

2016 was kind of a nutty year in my family. We became parents, my parents sold their home of 28 years, my youngest brother moved to Portland from Seattle and my middle brother moved from Seattle to San Diego. So when my parents proposed that we head up to the cabin at […]