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Follow the Child

The other day Emmett and I stopped by myΒ in-law’s house to welcome them home from their recent trip back east. I had gotten him pretty excited about seeing Nana, so when she wasn’t home and we had to get back into the car pretty quickly, his little face just fell […]


Dreaming of Home

Lately, we’ve been talking about houses. “What! That’s crazy! Why would you ever move!?” you might be thinking. Trust me, the day I moved in here I vowed never to leave of my own free will. ButΒ let me explain. Yes, we live in the most beautiful old farmhouse in the […]

Life on the Farm


Friday afternoon, right in the heat of the day, I got a text messageΒ that said “you should come over if you have a sec. And bring some water.” This had better be good, I thought to myself as I looked out at the hot, dry field, whileΒ dutifully filling a bottle […]

Life on the Farm

Life on the Farm: Vol. 4

I had a conversation a couple weeks ago about romanticism. A friend posed the question, “Do you think growing up with your head in a book hindered your ability to appreciate real life?” And though at first I could easily come up with a laundry list of situations where my […]