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Happy Oktoberfest!

Ever since I’ve known Taylor, we’ve gone to the Oktoberfest. And I say THE, because even though it’s not the one in Germany, as far as we’re concerned, it’s the only Oktoberfest worth going to. Mt. Angel, the small community that hosts this annual event is a mere 15 minutes […]

Our Story

Three Amazing Things

I have to take a short minute to say Happy Anniversary! to the sweet boy whose love has inspired this entire series. Six years ago this Saturday, we were standing at the front of a church, blushing like mad and high-fiving like idiots. Taylor James, the past six years have […]


T + K Bucket List

Taylor and I spent last weekend at Priest Lake with my family. We hiked, water skiied, ate way too much of my mama’s cooking and laid in the sun. It was relaxing, refreshing and for me, re-motivating. Sunday, on our 10 hour drive home, we decided to make a little […]