Tag: Motherhood


A Day at the Beach

Today I took my son to the beach. To the outside observer, I’m sure that sentence seems as normal as anything. But I’m not sure I can tell you how happy it made me to type those words. For a number of reasons. First, and most simply, the Oregon coast […]


Not Right Now

I’ve always wanted to write. From the early days of staying up all night reading Nancy Drew or Little House on the Prairie by flashlight under my sheets, to the first few months of college when I changed my major to English after just one political science class. I think deep down […]


Emmett Wilder: 4 Months

Emmett is four months old! He’s truly turned into a little man in the last month and we are just enjoying the heck out of him. I keep telling people that I knew I would love my kid, but I didn’t expect to like him so darn much! I literally […]


I’m Going to Try

     I’ve really wanted to write lately. A lot. I’ve wanted to come here and lay it all out. The things I’m loving about my life, thoughts I have about motherhood and my experience so far, my joys and fears and everything in between. But every time I sit down […]


Essential Oils

I know, I know. Essential Oils, blahdy blah. You’ve heard it all before, it’s a worthless pyramid scheme, it’s just a trend, an overpriced hobby for desperate housewives. You’re sick and tired of seeing everybody’s Instagram posts of little brown glass bottles with colorful labels, and if you read one more caption […]

Life on the Farm

Slice of Life

Last month I did a shoot and shared a recipe with local online men’s magazine, Classfare. We prepped and shot my favorite Corn Chowder, and despite the nerves I always have before cooking in front of the camera, I could not be more thrilled with how the photos turned out. James […]