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A Year of Montessori Learning: May

For whatever reason, I’ve been struggling a bit with this stage. I reallyΒ mourned the passing of Emmett’s babyhoodΒ and while I’m still working through that, I’ve realized this last week that I actually feel a little afraid of having a toddler. Not because toddlers are scary or anything (maybe they are?), […]


Sensory Bottles

The rainy Oregon weather has us doing all kinds of projects at home these days. Bat garlands. Leaf rubbings. Stained glass “windows.” That’s how you avoid cabin fever, my friends! After the Discovery BasketsΒ I put togetherΒ went over so well (I’ve continued to switch them up on a weekly basis), I […]


Montessori Discovery Basket

Now that Emmett is past the six month mark, on the move and really starting to show interest in the things around him, I wanted to begin putting together some simple activities for him, associated with Montessori learning. Both Taylor and I are big fans of the Montessori ideals- mainly […]