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Comfort Food

Spring Cooking

It’s finally spring! And you know what that means…no more root vegetables! Hooray! I’ve been getting so antsy for the farmer’s market to open so I can get my hands on some fresh produce, and in the meantimeΒ daydreaming about everything I’m going to make with it once I do. For […]

Comfort Food

Lemon Cake + Curd

It’s a weird thing to be a cook. Chef. Whatever you want to call it. I learned early on that you are only as good as your last plate. A truth which is simultaneously freeing and damning.Β Especially in catering. If your last plate is a home run, you’re left feeling […]

Comfort Food

Spring Lasagna

I’m not a big quote person. I’m not often moved to repin or repost little sayings here and there. I like to be original and come up with my own material most of the time. But every now and then one will strike me just right. And that’s it. I’m […]