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Garden Update: June 2016

I could have sworn I wrote a post earlier this year about how things ended up in my garden last year and what I planned to change/try this year. But I can’t seem to find it, and being that I spent the first part of this year caring for a […]


How does your Garden Grow?

Early this spring I sat down with the latest volume of the Territorial Seed Company catalog and planned my garden. I used theirΒ Garden Planner to plot everything out perfectly, and ordered my seeds and starts according to the numbers and sizes they recommended. Taylor built me three big, beautiful raised […]


The Coming Year

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what the coming year may bring. In life, in work, in my relationships. I’ve reflected on the year past, which I really feel pretty great about, but turning 28 and feeling more and more like I’m becoming the person I’m mostly going […]