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Making a Garden Journal

When we first moved in to this beautiful old house, it was the middle of December and everything outside was dormant. Slumbering the cold, rainy months of winter away, quiet and subdued. I didn’t pay any mind to the outside of the house until March hit and the yard began to explode with […]


Planning a Garden

Between the gorgeous weather, a well-timed gardening post by Amanda, and an unexpected late afternoon nap by Emmett, I found myself inspired Thursday afternoon to head outside and clean up my garden. Oh man, I cannot tell you how good it felt to get my hands in that warm black […]


Garden Update: June 2016

I could have sworn I wrote a post earlier this year about how things ended up in my garden last year and what I planned to change/try this year. But I can’t seem to find it, and being that I spent the first part of this year caring for a […]


Grammy Time

My mom has been with us this week and aside from feeling so incredibly grateful just to have somebody around to talk to, it’s been so wonderful having her. Yes, she sweeps my floor and does my dishes, cleans up the yard and walks the dog, but more than that, I’ve just SO enjoyed […]


A Day in the Life

When Bird is the Word moved from just a glimmer in my eye to a living, breathing part of my everyday life, I promised myself I would start an interview series. A series that follows some of my favorite people around for a day, chronicling their lives, their work and their beautiful […]