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Making a Garden Journal

When we first moved in to this beautiful old house, it was the middle of December and everything outside was dormant.Β Slumbering the cold, rainy months of winter away, quiet and subdued. I didn’t pay anyΒ mind to theΒ outside of the house until March hit and the yard began to explode with […]


Flowers, Photos & Food Workshop

It is my absolute pleasure to announce yet another collaboration with two of my favorite ladies! Saturday, March 15, the lovely and talented Kira Noble of Kira + Matt Photography, Bailey Kelly of Forest & Field and I will reunite to put on a three-hour flower arranging, recipe making and […]


Flower Class: Week Three

So…I broke the rules a bit this week. Instead of following the lesson, I branched off (ha!) a bit and played with an idea of my own. I’ve seen too many beautiful, dramatic floral headpieces out there and couldn’t resist trying my hand at one. It’s not often that I […]


Flower Class: Week Two

Second week into my flower class, and I’m still learning a ton and loving it! This week’s lesson focused on English Garden Arrangements, which is right up my alley. Half of the items I have pinned on my Flora board are arrangements in this style. I love the loose, natural […]


Flower Class: Week One

At some point I’ll gather all the scattered little shreds of paper I’ve written my goals for 2014 upon, but this is not that point. We’ve just returned from four utterly relaxing days on the Oregon coast and I’m not quite ready to give up my vacation mindset and jump […]