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Life on the Farm

Life on the Farm: Vol. 18

So far, this fall has been insanely beautiful. I swear the colors of the leaves are brighter than I’ve ever seen! I’m calling it right now, it’s a banner leaf year. Most of our days start out pretty foggy, but by 11 a.m., it’s all burnt off or blown away […]


Favorite Fall Books

Happy first day of fall! And happy Friday! I thought I’d share a few of our favorite fall books that we’ve just pulled out of storage. This stack of books is sitting in a small box at the base of Emmett’s bookshelf and we work our way through at least […]


The Wilmots

I’m not sure how I got so lucky as to have two awesome family shoots in one day, but somehow I did. Taking photos of this little crew is such a blast, especially because I’ve had the privilege of doing so since day one! We always joke about how Levi […]


The Rice Family

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking family photos for two of my best friends and their families. We weren’t sure how the weather would be and we weren’t sure how the kids would do, but man I’m always so pleasantly surprised how enjoyable these family sessions are. These two […]


Happy Halloween 2016!

Every year for Halloween when I was growing up, we’d head over to a friend’s house for a big Halloween Party. They lived in an awesome neighborhood- the trick-or-treating possibilities seemed endless– and it was a perfect excuse for all of the parents to get together and hang out. There’d […]