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Comfort Food

Autumn Cooking

You’d think that summer would be the favorite time for cooking; everything is fresh from the garden, the flavors are bright and refreshing and the actual effort it takes to cook most meals is minimal. There’s a bounty of fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs and things ripened in the sun. […]


Little Things

I’ve been feeling a little small lately. A little invisible. A little bit like if I fell off the face of the earth, maybe nobody would notice. Of course that’s not true. Obviously Emmett would notice, and mostly likely my husband, eventually. Ha! But feeling small is usually one of […]


Kid Containment

One of the things I dreaded most about having babies was the idea of my home being taken over by kid crap. I had visions of stepping on toys, tripping over books and stubbing my toe on endless plastic contraptions meant for sitting or soothing or swinging, etc. We love having Emmett […]

Our Story

A Wild Ride

Somewhere, amongst the stress and pressure of my senior year of college, the seemingly endless schedule of basketball games, the impending doom of graduation and, oh yeah, studying, I lost myself. Any semblance of the person I might want to be when I growed up got buried deep in the […]


Crostini Station

As you know, we recently moved into a charming 1920’s farmhouse on a large plot of land just outside Silverton, Oregon. And after putting in a lot of time and effort fixing the thing up, we were ready to party. So, last weekend we invited friends and family to come […]