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Spring Cooking

It’s finally spring! And you know what that means…no more root vegetables! Hooray! I’ve been getting so antsy for the farmer’s market to open so I can get my hands on some fresh produce, and in the meantimeΒ daydreaming about everything I’m going to make with it once I do. For […]

Comfort Food

Mango Chicken Curry

Cooking is one of those things that can simultaneously be super simple and ridiculously complicated. Being the chronic over analyzer that I am, I tend to do a pretty good job of making it the latter. Especially when it comes to cooking at home. I put pressure on myself to […]

Comfort Food

Chicken Quinoa Salad

Overwhelming. That’s how life feels right now. It’s all very, very good things. Just all the good things, all at once. Beautiful weather. Delicious food. Lots of work. Lots of catering. Lots of family and friends. Lots of planning. Preparing. Dreaming. And not a terrible lot of sleeping. But lots […]