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52 Project


Always, always wanting to go outside these days. And always carrying around an animal or two. A blogger I’ve long followed and admired has taken part in a year-long photo challenge where she posts one photo of her kiddos per week. One portrait from her nice camera that she’s taken the time […]


Emmett Wilder: 6 Months

Our little bud has been with us for over half a year! All of the parenting cliches apply, how it’s all going way too fast, I wish I could freeze time, etc. But at the risk of saying the same thing every darn month, it really is true! I wasn’t […]


Newborn Favorites

We are starting to feel like we are catching our breath around here! We have a regular bedtime, which means we actually get some time to ourselves in the evening and nap times are shaping up during the day as well. I just don’t know what I’ll do with all […]