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Weekly Meal Planning

This week, as I unconsciously sat at the table planning out our weekly meals, it struck me that somewhere along the way we seem to have fallen into a pretty nice rhythm. Though it feels like just yesterday that I was planted on the couch breastfeeding 6-8 hours a day with a tiny newborn, […]

Comfort Food

Spring Cooking

It’s finally spring! And you know what that means…no more root vegetables! Hooray! I’ve been getting so antsy for the farmer’s market to open so I can get my hands on some fresh produce, and in the meantime daydreaming about everything I’m going to make with it once I do. For […]


The Chamberlains

Last Saturday I spent the afternoon with one-month-old Finnegan and his sweet family. Ever since we had our own baby, shooting kiddos- especially ones this tiny- has just brought me so much joy. It’s just so fun to look back on that crazy time in our lives through the photos we […]


The Martins

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I LOVE taking photos of families. Especially my own! Ha! This little dude is something special. Being his aunt, I got the privilege of taking his newborn photos and these at seven months, and oh my word he could not be any cuter. He and […]


The Wilmots

I’m not sure how I got so lucky as to have two awesome family shoots in one day, but somehow I did. Taking photos of this little crew is such a blast, especially because I’ve had the privilege of doing so since day one! We always joke about how Levi […]