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52 Project


There will never, ever be enough photos of these two driving a tractor. “Why do farmers farm, given their economic adversities on top of the many frustrations and difficulties normal to farming? And always the answer is: ‘Love. They must do it for love.’ Farmers farm for the love of […]

Life on the Farm

Life on the Farm: Vol. 9

I was so bummed a few weeks ago when Taylor came home and announced they had finished harvesting hazelnuts. Hazelnuts are one of the newer crops on the farm, so it didn’t even register that I should be heading out to take photosΒ while they harvested. And then the rain came. […]


A New Piece of the Puzzle

Exciting news around here! Bird is the Word is expanding. Yes, yes, I’m having a baby. And am quite literally expanding. Hardy har. But IΒ also want to share that we are adding a new branch to the BWΒ tree…photography! Since it’s beginnings two years ago, I’ve felt like I should hold […]