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Life on the Farm

Blueberry Season

Blueberry season (usually coinciding with Fourth of July) marks the true beginning of summer and always makes me feel a bit nostalgic. A bowl of those juicy, luscious, strangely refreshing berries floods me with moments and memories from the last eight years that I’ve been with my husband. Learning to […]

Comfort Food

New Potato Salad

Happy Fourth of July! Though I often find it hard to truly grasp what it means to be free, I sure am grateful for that freedom, just the same. In my experience, this holiday has always been an occasion for celebrating family and friends, enjoying delicious food and curling up […]

Comfort Food

Early Summer Stew

Some of my most vivid childhood memories are not from birthday parties, or sleepovers, or family vacations. They’re not from moments spent with friends or family, conversations or jokes shared with people I love. Many of the moments that are preserved so very clearly in my mind are the moments […]


Birthday Wine Dinner

It’s nearly impossible to put words to a night like this one. A night filled with laughter, tears, good food and fantastic wine. A night filled with friends and family, gathered around a beautiful table to celebrate the birth of a very fine gentleman. It’s nearly impossible to think anything […]

Comfort Food

Farmer’s Market Broccoli Salad

Last Thursday, before I stopped at the little country church, I paid a visit to the farmer’s market in the small town where I work. I’ve seen many beautiful farmer’s market shots around the internet- bright and sunny, with rows and rows of vibrant, colorful food. The reality for us […]

Comfort Food

Chamomile Lavender Scones

I’m one of those strange individuals who thinks many places are much more beautiful in the rain. Like Paul (Owen Wilson) from Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, I feel that a good drizzle and a layer of raindrops brings out the melancholy, romantic beauty in things. It’s a very good […]