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Comfort Food

Watermelon Peach Salsa

I’m having a hard time believing that it’s already the season to be eating peaches and watermelon. Where oh where has this summer gone!? It can’t already be August. Despite my shock that summer is in full force, I’m always thrilled when it is time for these luscious fruits to […]


Reunion Picnic

Last Friday I, once again, had the extreme pleasure of cooking for a friend. An outgoing fellow who introduced himself during my interview for my current job- before I’d even landed it. A customer who comes to see me almost every morning and trusts me to cook his breakfast. A […]

Comfort Food

Chicken Quinoa Salad

Overwhelming. That’s how life feels right now. It’s all very, very good things. Just all the good things, all at once. Beautiful weather. Delicious food. Lots of work. Lots of catering. Lots of family and friends. Lots of planning. Preparing. Dreaming. And not a terrible lot of sleeping. But lots […]

Comfort Food

Cherry & Apricot Crumble

When I think about summer, I think of warm, long, lazy days. I think of going on outdoor adventures that aren’t usually possible in the Oregon rain. I think of eating foods whose seasons last only a few fleeting weeks. I hope for a pace that’s a little slower, a […]

Comfort Food

Cherry Tomato Pico de Gallo

I almost feel a little silly posting a “recipe” for this, since it’s super simple and I’m sure most people can make pico de gallo in their sleep. But this space is about sharing what comes out of my kitchen, and this one is such a summertime staple for us, […]

Comfort Food

Simple Green Beans

Before I began my cooking journey, I had a reputation as quite a picky eater. I was not fond of most unknown things, and was especially disdainful towards cooked vegetables. Until I was taught how to properly prepare them, veggies like green beans were not a part of my diet. […]