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Comfort Food

Golden Flapjacks

There’s something terribly romantic about the Oregon coast. Especially in the spring, when it’s nothing but blustery rain. The slow drive through wine country, being swallowed by the deep green forests and finally, coming into the cool, coastal mist. Heading away from all your problems and straight for the humblingly […]

Comfort Food

Strawberry Cake

I have a special relationship with berries. My husband is the son of a berry farmer. He grew up out in the fields, moving irrigation pipe, driving tractors and spending his summers tanned and dusty. I literally fell in love the moment I saw him. The first time I visited […]

Comfort Food

Sourdough Pancakes

Today’s the big day. Bird is the Word is “officially” launched. So, if you are here for the first time, welcome! I cannot even describe how much of a dream come true this day is.Β But first, pancakes. Since I can remember, my Mom has had a mason jar of sourdough […]

Comfort Food

Sausage & New Potato Pie

The “real” name of this dish in my family, is pork pie. But pork pie, in its history as my favorite meal, has never been received well by that name. All throughout my childhood, whenever I was asked about my favorite food, this dish would be my reply. Almost always […]


Adoption Fundraiser

Oregon spring is a fickle thing. Earlier this month, we spent two weeks sweltering in 80 degree weather. We’ve spent the last couple weeks drenched in rain. When we planned the menu for Thursday night’s adoption fundraiser, I had a feeling we’d be surrounded by the latter. Nothing could have […]