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Comfort Food

Sweet Potato Stew

After a super busy couple months, with event after event after event, it feels like high time to come up for air. Time to take a few days off, without even thinking about cooking, and then come back and start from the beginning. Get reinspired and remember some of the […]

Comfort Food

Stuffed Acorn Squash

I’m trying to take a moment to appreciate all that has happened to me in the last year. I’m preparing to write our yearly Christmas letter, looking back through my planner for significant events and scanning through photo albums on my phone. It’s been an incredible year full of lots […]

Comfort Food

Smoked Caramel Pear Cakes

If you haven’t read The Harvest Gathering yet, go do so. At least go look at the photos. And when you do, take notice of the ridiculous dessert I decided to make that day. Ridiculously rich and decadent and good, and also a bit ridiculously complicated. I stumbled across the […]

Life on the Farm

The Harvest Gathering

When my doorbell rang the morning of this photo shoot, my house was stacked to the ceiling with boxes, my kitchen overflowed with half packed crates and dirty dishes. We were set to move that weekend and I had stayed up almost all night long to prepare the food we […]


Full & Quiet

The noise of life on the street below wakes me before my alarm. I roll over and burrow deeper into the covers, pretending it’s not time to get up and start the day. But my brain has initiated its start up sequence and I’m already thinking of all the things […]


Getting Away

I can’t believe how much my heart longs for quiet these days. How often I end up sitting in the bathroom longer than I intended, just to steal away for a second by myself. Away from to-do lists and times crunches, away from the flow of a day passing much […]