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Philip Foster Farm Styled Shoot II

Get ready, here comes some more photos from our little shoot! In addition to Ms. Nakalan and her amazing eye, we had the lovely Kira Noble roaming about capturing the day as well. I’m completely in awe of the equally stunning, yet totally different perspectives both ladies were able to […]


Philip Foster Farm Styled Shoot

In early September, I released a Sneak Peek of a styled wedding that I had the privilege of working on. We just got news that our little shoot is going to be featured on a pretty rad wedding site, so we’re celebrating by revealing some of these beautiful images to […]


Five Years

As we round the corner of five years of marriage and step into our sixth year, I’m filled with confidence about the good things ahead. We are ditching both worldly possessions and responsibilities in favor of a simpler life with more time, resources and energy to devote to the things […]

Comfort Food

Danish Apple Bars

Taylor and I have been married five years this week. We’ve shared loads of laughs, tears, jokes, fights and memories in that amount of time. We’ve grown together and apart. Been blessed and have struggled. And we’ve changed and grown immensely. I’m constantly reminded how lucky I am and especially […]

Comfort Food

Spicy Corn Chowder

Growing up is tough. And serious. And stressful. And lonely. When you leave your childhood home for good, you don’t just instantly recapture that feeling of “home.” It takes a lot of time and the right people to recreate that same safe, cozy feeling. I have the most vivid memories […]

Comfort Food

Roasted Carrot & Avocado Salad

I used to think my Mom and I were completely different people. She didn’t see me. She didn’t understand me. She didn’t like the same things I did. Or see the world the same way I did. But as I’ve neared the age she was when I came into her […]