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Flowers, Photos & Food Workshop

It is my absolute pleasure to announce yet another collaboration with two of my favorite ladies! Saturday, March 15, the lovely and talented Kira Noble of Kira + Matt Photography, Bailey Kelly of Forest & Field and I will reunite to put on a three-hour flower arranging, recipe making and […]


R.Stuart Winter Supper

A few weeks ago, on a quiet Wednesday evening in McMinnville, one of the most amazing nights of my career as a cook took place. It’s taken me a couple weeks to even begin to think about trying to put it all into words, it was that good. It wasn’t […]

Comfort Food

Bubble & Squeak

Long before the influence of Downton Abbey, Harry Potter, Sherlock or made-for-BBC movies, I fell hard for all things British. And the credit goes entirely to my high school AP English teacher. Outside the classroom she was a soft-spoken, conservative school teacher that hardly stood out from the crowd. But […]


Goals for 2014

A couple weeks ago, around the time everyone was posting all their goals, resolutions and intentions for the new year, I was very busy feeling all relaxed and reflective and even, dare I say, refreshed. I had eaten and behaved fairly well over the holidays and hadn’t had any semblance […]

Comfort Food

Vegetarian Chili

Most people are looking for something a little lighter this time of year. Resolutions are still going strong and healthy choices are winning out. Despite decisions to eat healthier, the fact is our bodies are still craving warm, filling food. It’s cold outside; dreary, foggy and gloomy. And just like […]


Flower Class: Week Three

So…I broke the rules a bit this week. Instead of following the lesson, I branched off (ha!) a bit and played with an idea of my own. I’ve seen too many beautiful, dramatic floral headpieces out there and couldn’t resist trying my hand at one. It’s not often that I […]