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First Friday at Velour

Last Friday night (are you singing Katy Perry yet?)…last Friday night I made some treats for the third birthday party of a little boutique about a block down from our apartment. Velour is one of the loveliest, most well-curated shops I’ve ever been in and the owners are even more […]


Back to Me

It seems like the fog I’ve been in since the holidays is finally lifting and just this week, I’ve started to feel like myself again. I can see out of the confines of my own head and the future looks less exhausting, and much more exhilarating. It’s a good feeling, […]

Comfort Food

Mango Chicken Curry

Cooking is one of those things that can simultaneously be super simple and ridiculously complicated. Being the chronic over analyzer that I am, I tend to do a pretty good job of making it the latter. Especially when it comes to cooking at home. I put pressure on myself to […]


A Successful Workshop

This winter (and early spring) has been a season of reflection for me. As I ease back into a more consistent event schedule, it’s been a time of looking at my life and at myself, and trying to pinpoint the things I like and work on the things I don’t. […]

Comfort Food

Environmentalist Salad

Branches are blooming, spring has sprung and I’m craving fresh, simple meals to escape the squash-based soups we’ve lived on all winter. That first CSA basket can’t come soon enough! This salad is my take on one my Mom and I had at the quaintest little cafe and market in […]

Comfort Food

Orange Almond Fennel Cake

I’m not quite sure how it all happened, but lately I’ve found myself giving a lot of pep talks on how it’s okay to make mistakes and not be perfect. Me, the one who spends most of their time battling soul-crushing anxiety about those very things; mistake making and imperfection. […]