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A Year of Montessori Learning: September

SEPTEMBER We got an early start on fall this year, simply by hopping on a plane and heading north to Alaska for 10 days. It was in the low 50’s the whole time we were there, rainy and cold, and we got the welcome opportunity to break out our flannel […]

Comfort Food

Autumn Cooking

You’d think that summer would be the favorite time for cooking; everything is fresh from the garden, the flavors are bright and refreshing and the actual effort it takes to cook most meals is minimal. There’s a bounty of fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs and things ripened in the sun. […]

52 Project


Enjoying his new playsilks slash tormenting Cash a little. A blogger I’ve long followed and admired has taken part in a year-long photo challenge, a 52-Week Photo Project, where she posts one photo of her kiddos per week. One portrait from her nice camera that she’s taken the time to select, edit […]


Favorite Fall Books

Happy first day of fall! And happy Friday! I thought I’d share a few of our favorite fall books that we’ve just pulled out of storage. This stack of books is sitting in a small box at the base of Emmett’s bookshelf and we work our way through at least […]


Happy Oktoberfest!

Ever since I’ve known Taylor, we’ve gone to the Oktoberfest. And I say THE, because even though it’s not the one in Germany, as far as we’re concerned, it’s the only Oktoberfest worth going to. Mt. Angel, the small community that hosts this annual event is a mere 15 minutes […]


Hand-dyed Playsilks

Playsilks are just what they sound like. Big pieces of silk for play. They can be capes. Fort-building materials. Tents. Canopies. Costumes. Landmarks. Anything you can dream up for them, they can pretty much fulfill. “A staple of imaginary play,” says a website that sells them. They’re a staple of […]