Renovation Update #4

My dad came back Friday night after a few days at home to recover from a cold, and we dove back in full force over at the house. He and Taylor finished all of the electrical- which was a HUGE and very complicated job- and then we had drywallers, tapers and mudders and then texture-ers in which has completly transformed the place. The main room has had a major transformation, taking out those two walls and removing the dropped, rounded ceilings. But I think the upstairs definitely takes the cake as far as dramatic transformations. We added almost 400 square feet of space up there and the lofted ceilings make things feel so much bigger and airy. I love the beams the guys put in up there, they add such character!

Taylor made a new lid for a septic tank, we replaced the back (mudroom) door and window, and we’ve had one of the farm guys sanding all of the doors, cabinets, drawers and trim so we can start painting this weekend. I’m sure I’m forgetting something, because to be perfectly honest life is pure chaos right now. But it’s really coming together over there and when we have a second to catch our breath and think clearly, we are SO SO grateful!

Thanks for following along!

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  1. We have been working on fully remodelling our house for the past 3.5 years (down to studs and back up) and have been working our way up from the basement. We are finally working on the top floor! It’s an old bungalow and we are actually doing a very similar thing to yours! Vaulting the ceilings, leaving some exposed ceiling joists we will wrap to look like beams, and one side as an open loft area. Your new home looks wonderful and it’s been fun to read about your project and all of the amazing progress!

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