Renovation Update #3

My Dad is back in town and we are ROLLING on the house again. The guys spent almost all of last week finishing up running wires for electrical and putting all the ducts in for the HVAC. They replaced almost the entire house’s old, old, semi-dangerous wiring with new, and solved a lot of code violations. They’d come home every night in deep discussions about electrical quandaries, and nothing could break their concentration. It was impressive. I think they both feel pretty darn relieved to have most of it behind them! Special thanks to my Dad’s good friend Tad, who helped them sort it all out and conference called in a few times to help.

They also finished up framing the upstairs and a few places downstairs which needed to be firred out before drywall goes in. The upstairs has been SUCH a transformation already, photos just don’t do it justice. I wish I could give you all a 3-D tour, because I think you’d be blown away. It has already gone from a largely unusable space, to really one of the highlights of the house. It’s just beautiful.

After getting something like 6 bids, we finally decided on a subcontractor for insulation and drywall and they started with spray-in foam insulation on Friday. The foam insulation was put in upstairs because it’s insanely more powerful than fiberglass, and will keep the heat out in the summer and in in the winter. It feels extra cozy up there already. The insulators were back today finishing up the downstairs, and they worked so fast! We are all SO glad we decided to hire that out.

Sunday, after they finished most of the electrical work, the guys put in a brand new set of french doors. My Christmas present! We had originally scored a beautiful wood set on Craigslist for $75, but they weren’t the right size and were going to take a long time to fabricate so they’d fit properly, and since we’re short on time, we decided to just get new ones. We hit the Cyber Monday sale and got a great price. Happy Christmas to me! They look so beautiful and really make that great room look open and airy.

My mom and I spent the last couple of days sanding drawers, cabinets, the cabinet frames and the linen closet. It was a tedious job, but after being laid up all week in bed last week, it felt SO good to be back at the house working away. I can’t wait to give those bad boys a fresh coat of paint. They’re going to look so nice!

The drywallers started today (Monday) and things are really going to speed up the next few days. They’re about halfway done with drywall and already it looks like an entirely different place! I can’t wait to show it to you. Once drywall gets done, we’ll have a better feel for what things look like moving forward, and maybe I’ll finally have some time to share my design inspirations here.

Thanks again for following along! Things are really getting fun over there!

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