Thanksgiving Weekend

I meant to post this on Monday, but I came down with an awful cold, which turned into a terrible ear infection, and before I knew it, there went the week. Anyway, I’m finally feeling a tiny bit better, so here we are. Hoping to get back to work on the house tomorrow.

Last week, while my Dad was down in San Diego, we took a few much-needed days off from the renovation project. We enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast with Taylor’s side of the family Thursday, then got to head up to Portland Friday night for the PK80 tournament thanks to my in-laws. I sat still for five hours, got a giant plate of tacos all to myself and watched some really good college basketball. Including my beloved Zags, who went into double overtime with Florida and kept us out well past our bedtime. We didn’t get home from the game until 12:30 a.m.! Wild things, I tell ya.

We also met a nice couple in Portland before the games to buy a pedestal sink for the upstairs bath. $40! I’ve had some serious Craigslist scores for the house, I can’t wait to share them with you! I didn’t have an update this week since we haven’t done much that showed well in photos, but my Dad came back on Monday so I hope to have a post for you next week.

We were originally hoping to be in our new place by Christmas, and weren’t going to bother decorating the farmhouse, but our timeline is looking a little longer than we anticipated (ain’t that the way these things go!) and so we thought WHAT THE HECK! We needed some cheer and holiday spirit amongst the madness. It feels like a huge relief just to have decided to go for it. We headed over to Taylor’s aunt and uncles house Sunday afternoon and cut down a sweet tree from their little lot.

Emmett was more interested in the cows and chickens than the tree selection process, but he was all over measuring the tree and nipping off branches once we got her home and set up in the living room. After just a few hours of decorating and pulling out all our special holiday items, our home felt so much more cheery. I didn’t realize how much we needed that little lift until it was all said and done. Worth the effort for sure.

The guys worked on electrical this week to get ready for the insulators and drywallers, but I’ll give you a full update on Monday. Welcome, December!

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