Renovation Update #2

I feel like I have 1,000 things to share for our second update! Thankfully, my computer is working again so I can actually put together an intelligible post. First things first, the photos above show the day that we (My Dad, Taylor, his dad and a couple farm guys) took the entire front of the house off to replace that rotted out window. We were hoping it was just the window sill that was bad, but once we got in there we realized all of the wall joists under the window were rotted out. You could move the whole wall with your foot. Scary! But miraculously, the guys were able to take it all out and rebuild it all in ONE DAY’S TIME! It was seriously impressive. And I’m blown away by the different it makes. The house looks and feels so much more solid, inside and out.

Another one of the huge projects in the last week was taking out two walls in the main living area (between kitchen and dining, and dining and living) and putting in two HUGE beams. My Dad was really dreading this process, until he realized he could open up the upstairs floor and drop the beams in from above. It was still a TON of work, but they got both beams set in just TWO days. The main living area is so big and open now and looks so incredible. I can’t wait to make dinner in the kitchen and be able to see Emmett playing nearby. Being able to do this project ourselves saved us a TON of time and money. Thank goodness for my Dad! And my former boss who helped us with all the engineering specs.

The photos above give you a look at the main living area- great room if you will- all opened up after the new beams were put in. Those sliders will be replaced by french doors eventually, which will let in even more light. One of my projects this last week was uncovering the wood floors in the kitchen and scrubbing off the glue. I also spent several hours removing all of the cabinets, drawers and hardware so I can sand and prep those while my Dad is gone next week. I get the most glamorous jobs, I tell ya.

As if they didn’t already have a bunch of big stuff to tackle, the fellas also managed to get the entire upstairs framed in! My brother Cole came down for the weekend, and worked his butt off helping them out. We are so grateful! We decided to put in a large bedroom with double closets (to hide the septic vents), a small bathroom with a sink, toilet and shower, and then leave the west end of the upstairs open to use as an office/playroom area. We’ll have banisters on either side of the stairs, so between the raised lofted ceilings, open stairway and loads of white paint, it’ll feel like heaven up there! There is a little gable that goes out into the front of the house, and my Dad took the time (and a serious head wound) to frame that out as a special play space for Emmett. He is going to LOVE it. Someday when we’re able to replace the siding, we’ll put a little window in that space to add even more light to the lofted side of the upstairs.

Besides these big, photo-worthy projects we have also:

  • Had the upstairs plumbed for the new bathroom.
  • Finished demo-ing the mudroom.
  • Had the mudroom plumbed for washer and dryer, and a utility sink (HAPPY DANCE!).
  • Hung electrical boxes.
  • Framed over weird coat closet in living room and expanded master closet (IT’S HUGE!).
  • Cleared the paper and glue off the Fir floors in the kitchen.
  • Purchased a gorgeous farmhouse sink off CL for more than 50% off retail.
  • Laid a new subfloor upstairs.
  • Talked with electricians, drywallers and insulation-ers.
  • Re-routed the ductwork to make our bathroom work upstairs.
  • Had our furnace serviced. We were afraid it wasn’t working but it IS!!!!
  • Scheduled a septic tank pump. Blerg!

And there’s probably much more I’m forgetting. But HOLY SMOKES we’ve been busy. My parents were both here for 10 days just working their buns off- my Dad at the house and my Mom holding down the fort at home. I don’t know what we would have done without them. They took off to San Diego yesterday for Thanksgiving, but my Dad will be back Monday to resume work. We are so thankful for ALL the people who have chipped in and worked hard and poured their love into our new home. It means the world to us.

Today for the first time since we started this project, the three of us went over to the house for about 30 mins just to take stock of where things are at. We were supposed to be making to-do lists, but instead I found myself really envisioning us living life there for the first time. We’ve been so busy and things have been so dusty and messy and loud, I haven’t really had a chance to picture what it’ll be like to actually move in and make a life there, and MAN it felt good. Taylor and I just gave each other a big hug and said “THIS IS SO COOL.” And really felt the significance of it all, now that we’ve had a chance to catch our breath. We feel so lucky and so blessed.

Thanks for following along on this crazy journey! This week will be slower thanks to the holiday, but I’ll keep you posted! Happy Thanksgiving!

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