Renovation Update #1

Are you ready for the first renovation update!? I meant to post this earlier today, but my computer is on the fritz, I had to go get groceries for the week, do some laundry, dishes and OH BY THE WAY, WE ARE RENOVATING A HOUSE!!!

Anyway, I’m hoping to check in on Mondays with a report of the week’s activity, but if you want more up-to-the-minute news, you’ll have to follow me on Instagram. I usually post at least a couple daily videos in my stories over there.

So, in the last four days we have…

  • Removed the drywall on the walls and ceilings in the living room and dining room.
  • Removed the wall between the dining room and kitchen (mostly). We still need to install a new header beam to take it out completely.
  • Removed the wall between the dining and living rooms (also mostly).
  • Taken out all of the walls, ceilings, doors, pretty much EVERYTHING upstairs. It looks so incredible up there!
  • Demo-ed the back bathroom and took out the walls so we can turn it into a laundry room.
  • Removed all of the carpet and laminate flooring to expose the original hardwoods.
  • Crunched the rough numbers and penciled out a schedule that will hopefully see us finished by Christmas. Maybe not quite moved in, but the lions share of the work completed.
  • Made A LOT of decisions.
  • Came home tired, sweaty and extremely dirty every night. But also really, really excited. And satisfied!

Thank goodness for our insanely awesome families who are providing not only mad construction skills, supplies, etc., but also meals, childcare, emotional support and grunt labor. We love you guys so much and couldn’t do this crazy thing without you!

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