We Bought a House!

It feels like I’ve had to wait FOREVER to share our secret, but it’s finally time. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!!

We signed the papers this afternoon on our sweet little 1947 cottage on about an acre of land, literally across the field from where we currently live. There could hardly be a better spot for us! Besides our little house, there’s a small detached garage, an old wooden shed and a nice metal shop on the property, where Taylor can set up his woodworking tools. Not to mention several fruit trees, a big, beautiful yard and the perfect spot for a giant garden. Our property will sit right on the corner of the farm’s blueberry fields, so we’ll still be right in the thick of things. We’ve been working on this deal since summer, so it feels pretty amazing to finally be able to share!

The house itself is two stories- about 1,200 square feet downstairs and 750 or so upstairs, though once we remodel, we’ll be increasing the upstairs square footage quite a bit. The place is small and cozy, and while pretty much every square inch of the property needs some love- inside and out- we are over the moon about our little homestead. It’s really just the perfect place for us right now and I can’t put in to words how excited we are. And I can’t wait to share the process with you!

We just got the keys and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of my parents later this week so we can get started. We’re planning a pretty significant renovation, starting with major demo, and we’ve got a good bit of work ahead of us. You can bet I’ll keep you posted as we go. But first, here are a few of the things we’re hoping to accomplish before we move in, time and budget permitting:


  • Restore original hardwoods on main floor.
  • Put in new laminate floors on the stairs and upstairs.
  • Remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room.
  • Paint the cabinets and beadboard backsplash in the kitchen, replace countertops and sink (and faucet).
  • Fix kitchen window. Remove window headers.
  • New fridge and dishwasher.
  • Paint ALL the walls, trim, doors and ceilings EVERYWHERE.
  • Replace light fixtures and hardware, pretty much everywhere.
  • Demo the entire upstairs and finish it out into the attic spaces on the sides and above- creating lofted ceilings and an open stairwell.
  • Re-do the main downstairs bathroom.
  • Demo the back bathroom and convert to a laundry/mudroom/pantry. Fill in laundry shoot.
  • Replace the slider doors with french doors.
  • Fix the master closet, remove the coat closet in the living room.
  • Replace the main front window, fix rotting sill.
  • Paint and fix the fireplace and built-in shelves.

Some of the not so pretty stuff…

  • Pump the septic tank.
  • Get the furnace serviced/fixed.
  • Fix a few electrical issues.
  • Clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean….EVERYTHING.

That’s what we’ve got on our list for now. We’ll see how everything looks once we get into demo. There’s sure to be some surprises! I’ll share some of my inspiration photos here soon, and give you an update when we get started. Thanks for following us along on this crazy journey. We are so grateful for this awesome little place. And speaking of this awesome little place, it needs a name! I’m terrible at naming things…any ideas!?

Share yours below!


  1. I cant wait to follow your progress! We are hitting out two year anniversary of our DIY remodel…it sounds a like what you are embarking on, and i am thrilled we are finally at trim and paint. Congratulations!!!

  2. Congratulations! So happy for you! And excited to see how the projects come along :) Hmm, names…I like Cottage in the name somewhere. Are you going to keep it yellow? Something Sunshine? Good luck!

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