Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our favorite little black bear!

Emmett’s costume this year was inspired by one of our favorite “Rarrrr” books as he calls them, Welcome Home, Bear. My mom made his awesome costume and he was absolutely thrilled to spend the whole evening wandering around our friends’ neighborhood, growling at folks and collecting quite the bag of candy. I was thrilled to be able to stick with our book theme and have a beautiful, warm! lovingly-made costume we can pass down at some point. He doesn’t quite have “trick-or-treat” down, but he signed “thank you” to everyone, and often asked for an extra piece for Mama and Daddy. That kid, I tell ya.

We attended our second annual Halloween Party, modeled after the party my family went to growing up, and it was even more fun this year! We stuffed our faces with spooky mac and cheese before heading out for about an hour, and once it got dark, we went back to the house to chow on some Harvest Hash and let the kiddos play together. Emmett loved being able to walk around by himself with all his little buddies, but he was just as excited to get back and play “Thom” the in living room. He took a super long nap that afternoon, so we didn’t feel rushed to get home for bedtime and we all just had a blast.

Though Halloween is kind of a silly holiday in my opinion, it’s pretty special to have such a great group of friends to spend it with and such sweet little kiddos to watch our little guy grow up with. We love you guys! Happy Halloween!


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  2. Yay! I agree Halloween is a silly holiday…but I also love traditions. Friends definitely make it more fun, and watching our kids do new things together with their buddies is so fun! My daughter’s costume was inspired by a book also! She was a firefighter inspired by the fire pages in Curious George, which she is obsessed with! So fun!

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