Life on the Farm: Vol. 18

So far, this fall has been insanely beautiful. I swear the colors of the leaves are brighter than I’ve ever seen! I’m calling it right now, it’s a banner leaf year. Most of our days start out pretty foggy, but by 11 a.m., it’s all burnt off or blown away and we have just had some of the loveliest fall afternoons. Emmett and I have been taking daily walks to the farm and spending a couple hours each day outside: raking leaves, picking up black walnuts, playing fetch with Cash or just trolling around the yard, picking up sticks and noticing things. It’s been so good for my soul and helped us both acclimate to colder weather and shorter days as the season changes.

Taylor’s schedule has slowed down considerably, and I feel like we’ve finally fallen into a good rhythm for our days. We started the Whole Family Rhythms: Autumn Guide in September, and it’s brought such a nice structure to our days. We’ve also been working on establishing a “morning time,” which mostly involves reading a chapter from an old thrifted copy ofΒ Winnie The Pooh and making homemade lattes to share. Emmett loves steamed milk and a shot of decaf espresso just as much as I do, and it’s been a breath of fresh air to start our days together, slowly and intentionally.

As far as things on the farm go, Taylor has been doing a lot of planning, analyzing, crunching numbers, cleaning up equipment and tidying up the fields from a busy harvest season. It’s been so nice to see him slow down a little, and be able to think about something other than picking berries. He took us on a ride through the fields on Saturday afternoon, in part so we could test out a new equipment rental they’ve had around the farm, and also so we could see what he’s been up to. The blackberries they put in two summers ago are looking big and beautiful and some of the fields they’ve swapped around are coming along nicely as well. I’m always so impressed by how much knowledge and experience he’s gained in just three years’ time. He’s a pretty amazing guy.

Just ask his son. Emmett adores his Dad and spent most of the week telling me how he and Daddy were going to mow over the weekend. They spent the day outside Saturday, raking up leaves, picking up walnuts, helping me with some photos by driving the forklift, and though they didn’t get to mow, he’s hoping for a ride this afternoon. Those two guys have such a special bond, I’m so thankful for this season where they get to be together so often. And extra thankful for how willing and excited Taylor always is to include Emmett in his work. He’s really just the best Dad.

I’ve had my camera out almost every day as well, trying to capture the beauty of this season, and the awesome stage our kiddo is in. For some reason, 12-18 months was kind of tough. Just a lot of change in such a quick amount of time, I suppose. But since Emmett turned 18 months, I’ve really been enjoying him. Every day his communication skills grow leaps and bounds, and I just sharing my life with him. He’s grown into things recently which I especially enjoy, such as making art, reading storybooks, listening to music and dancing (and starting to sing a little), enjoying an animated short now and then (Room on the Broom is our current favorite) and it brings me so much joy to introduce him to things I’m passionate about. Not to mention, watch him form his own likes and opinions.

We are so looking forward to our second annual Halloween Party tomorrow evening, and I can’t wait to get Emmett all dressed up in his costume and roam the neighborhood with all his little friends. And mine! We had such a great time last year, and I imagine this year will be even better since he can actually walk now.

Happy Autumn everyone! Isn’t it just glorious?

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