Triangle Lake

Last week, before wrapping up blackberry harvest, Emmett and I took a trip to Triangle Lake.

Taylor’s family has been going to Triangle Lake since before he was born, and he has many fond memories of annual trips with his Mom, aunts, uncles and cousins. Since I’d never been before and we knew he’d be pretty swamped with the last week of berry picking, I decided it’d be the perfect end to our summer adventures, just Emmett and I. Despite the fact that we’d barely just gotten home from another camping trip, we threw caution to the wind and loaded our Camry up with all our gear. It’s amazing how much stuff it takes to go camping for just a few nights!

Since everyone was already down there, and no one had mentioned any special directions, I assumed I’d just plug Triangle Lake into my GPS and we’d be on our way. We were within about 45 minutes of the lake, when my phone service went out. So when we passed by a sign that said “Triangle Lake” this way, I decided to make the turn despite the route on my GPS, assuming the lake was just right down that road. I went for about 20 miles before realizing the lake was nowhere to be found and my GPS was showing us getting further and further away. I finally decided to reroute, and it gave me a new route that would have us at the lake in an hour or so.

What I didn’t know was that the route was a one-lane, dirt logging road that wound up and around the coastal mountain range for 12 miles. I mean, we’re talking the side of a cliff, can’t see the sides of the road, no service and not even a spot to turn around. Emmett was less than pleased at having been in the car for three hours already, and was pretty much wailing his guts out in the back seat. I’m not going to lie to you, I panicked for a second. But I quickly realized that I was in fact the only grown up in this situation, and all I could do was keep going and hope for the best. I could see on the GPS that the road really did come out at the lake, so I prayed I wouldn’t come upon any logging trucks and that all of the access gates would be unlocked.

Our prayers were answered and we rolled in to the campground at Triangle Lake, only 2.5 hours past the time it should have taken to get there. I was pretty wiped out, but as soon as we got settled in, we had a blast!

Watching Emmett play in the sun and the sand with his cousins, getting to waterski one of the mornings and sharing meals with loads of family and friends were just a few of the highlights from our trip. We decided not to camp the second night, wanting to get home to our farmer and sleep in our own beds, but we really had a total blast while we were there.Β Despite the fact that Emmett screamed the entire drive home (never been a fan of the car), we managed to take the correct route and it was mostly smooth sailing. We arrived home late on Tuesday night, met Taylor out in the fields and celebrated the end of harvest season as a family.

Though they haven’t been seamless, I’m really proud of Emmett and I’s adventures this summer. It gives me so much more confidence to have a few under my belt, and even though it’s only been a couple weeks, I’ve already forgot the sleepless nights and am all ready to do it again! I just really believe in the value of both sharing things you love with your kids and introducing them to the outdoors at an early age. It’s worth it!!!!

And finally, a big thanks to our family for letting us tag along at Triangle Lake. Thanks for watching my little guy while I went the bathroom, thanks for pulling me skiing and for feeding us both. We’ll be back!