Life on the Farm: Vol. 16

Well things certainly are chugging along around here, and harvest season is in full swing. The blueberries are all done being hand picked, we’re well into machine picking, and we’ve all started to get a bit of that glazed over look from lack of sleep and excess of work to do. It’s always crazy, but it does feel just a bit easier every year, so at least there’s that. I was feeling footloose and fancy free until this week really, but now I’m not afraid to admit that I’m tired. Busy, tired and definitely looking forward to Taylor’s night shifts being over. It’ll just be so nice to be able to sit down together in the evenings. Not to mention resume our regular viewings of The Waltons.

One of the things that always helps the time go by and helps me feel invested in this crazy season is having visitors on the farm. Last week we had two sets of friends come down to visit and pick some berries, and it was so fun to watch Emmett run around with his little buds. And stuff their little faces with blackberries. I love being able to show this place off when it’s really hopping. It’s a pretty amazing spot to live and an incredible place for Emmett to grow up, and showing it off always reminds me how blessed and lucky we are.

We picked a few buckets of blueberries and got them all frozen and bagged up for winter, but aside from making a questionable batch of Marionberry jam (I’m not a gifted jammer- too many instructions to follow, ha!), I’ve hardly put up any blackberries. I laughed and asked Taylor if it made me sound spoiled to say that I prefer to eat them off the bush, warmed by the sun. There’s nothing quite like wandering through the field, eating handfuls of warm, delicious berries. Spoiled indeed.

We haven’t had the chance to go out on the pickers at night this year, Emmett is usually in bed by the time Taylor heads out, but it’s fun to see them across the way, making their way down row after row. I’m blown away every day when Taylor comes home and tells me how many thousands of pounds they picked the night before. It’s pretty incredible how much food is produced in just a few weeks time. Farming is amazing!

There’s not too terrible much going on around the house these days, other than slow days playing with tractors and trucks, and wandering around outside eating rocks (Emmett, not me). We’ve harvested peas, carrots, beets, a few summer squash, lettuce and lots and lots of herbs from the garden, and the green beans are coming in quickly so we’ll have those to eat soon enough. I’ve been going through room by room and trying to get rid of unused things stuffed in drawers or closets, and it always makes me feel so much lighter to do so. Part of me hopes we’ll find a place of our own this fall, but I also feel pretty darn content with where we are the same time. There’s something comforting about tidying up the same spaces year after year.

Emmett and I have a few adventures coming up in the next few weeks, and then before we know it, harvest will be over, August will be here and then we’ll be heading to ALASKA!!!! And I CAN NOT WAIT to go to Alaska.

Anyway, life on the farm is good these days and I am all kinds of grateful.

Blackberry Harvest: 2015.

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