Garden Update: June 2017

With all the lovely weather we’ve been having, my garden has just exploded in the last month! The peas have climbed beautifully up their trellis and are standing so tall and strong. I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite so many pea pods. We are going to have quite the harvest! A few weeks ago we got a hefty harvest of spinach and lettuces, and hopefully those will come back for a second and maybe third harvest this summer. Emmett and I stepped outside last week and dug up the first of our Chiogga beets, and man do they look good! I’ve yet to get them roasted and tossed in a salad, but it’s on the meal plan this week. I picked a handful of peas to go in our risotto last night, and Emmett was more than happy to assist in eating the extras. He also ate every single speck of his risotto at dinner. Safe to say he’s a pea guy.

We haven’t harvested our carrots quite yet, just picking a few smaller ones out to thin, but they too are mighty tasty. My papa used to send us fresh carrots from his garden in the mail and I’ve still never tasted anything so good in my life. Montana carrots. Magical.

The green beans are just blossoming so I’m sure we’ll see those here in a few weeks, and I have a few green tomatoes coming along nicely. My cauliflower plants got chewed up something fierce, so I’m not sure they’ll survive, but the neighboring summer squashes look just fine. July and August are going to be tasty!

The herb garden is chugging along as well, and I have to pat myself on the back and say that this is by far the best (and most used!) herb garden I’ve ever grown. I’m out there almost every day to cut something for our meals and I just love that I can do that. I’ve struggled with parsley and cilantro in the past, but realized the key is to just plant a whole heap of both and cut, cut, cut! The chamomile has been especially lovely this year, I need to dry some for tea, and the lavender just started to bloom, which is my favorite smell ever. Garden magic!

My flowers have also done quite well so far this summer, and I’m starting to see the results of things I planted in early spring. Though peony and lilac season passed by too quickly, I’ve been just as happy to see all of the roses in our yard say hello. I’ve got yellow and pink classic style roses in the backyard, a couple beautiful lighter pink spray roses back there to, and then this blush climbing rose right outside my kitchen window that just blows me away every year. It’s so light and delicate, and lets me pretend for just a second that I’m standing in the English cottage garden of my dreams.

My snapdragons, foxglove, cosmos, lupine, sweet peas, dahlias and zinnias are all starting to bloom and I’m looking forward to a healthy crop of each for cutting and admiring. Soon enough the sunflowers and black-eyed susans will be here too, and the yard will be full of color. I love you, summer! I could definitely use a bit more time in the day to dedicate to wedding and watering, but I’m doing my best and this time of year, that’s just got to be enough!

How are your gardens faring this year? Anything I should be planting for fall?

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