Garden Update: May 2017

Well, it’s been a couple months since I first put seeds in the ground, so I thought I’d give you a bit an update on how things are going in the yard.

Despite the fact that I’ve tried to get outside for at least a couple hours a day- whether it’s during naptime or after bed- sometimes it’s hard to tell I’ve even accomplished anything. There’s just so much that needs pruning, removing or fixing, it’s pretty easy to feel disheartened with only a couple hours to give here and there. I’ve been working on changing my thinking though, seeing it as “me time,” time to clear my head, work with my hands and do my own version of meditation and contemplation. Telling myself it’s not about how much I get done, the purpose is in the doing itself. So, in the spirit of my more “enlightened” gardening outlook, here’s what I’ve been doing these last few weeks:

  • Put in my clothesline! Well, Taylor did this. But it’s absolutely beautiful and will hold about four full loads.
  • Weeding, pruning and clearing out the most visible beds on the front and driveway side of the house.
  • Got all my nursery plants in the ground, sunflowers planted and a couple things transplanted. Will do the rest in the fall.
  • Planted another round of seeds in the garden: radishes, beets, peas, beans and lettuces.
  • Planted wildflower seeds in an open area in the front rock wall.
  • Researched cutting techniques for all the flowers I planted to promote blooming.
  • Thinned out carrots, beets, lettuce and spinach a bit.
  • Put in pea trellises, trellis for the cranberry beans and tomato supports.
  • Laid out drip hoses in the veggie garden.
  • Spread Organic Preen on all of my freshly weeded areas (not in veg garden).

As far as my ongoing list, well I haven’t made too much progress there, but have updated it a bit.

  • Prune and weed all beds. In progress.
  • Fertilize roses.
  • Re-wrap the climbing roses.
  • Spread wildflower seeds in the shady little hyacinth meadow under the big trees to the north.
  • Put in some sort of climbing wall for the sweet peas on the west side of the pump house. In progress.
  • Put together some shade-loving pots for the front porch.
  • Figure out a watering system for late summer (both garden, lawn and beds). Drip hoses for garden + beds.
  • Put together some hanging baskets for the front porch.
  • Plant a row of sunflowers along the south wall of the house.
  • Patch the hole in the front wall, trim back the ivy and add a few new perennials.
  • Work on a back patio area. NEXT YEAR.

I’m really hoping that once everything is cleared out I can really just focus on maintaining and doing quick weeding on a weekly basis, and not have to do the deep, intensive weed removal like I’m doing now. I’d really love to get some bark dust down on everything, but it’s just not in our budget at the moment, so we’ll have to make due. Despite the overwhelming amount of work (and ideas!) I have, I’m really enjoying being outside almost everyday, and especially the last few days, soaking up the sun.

The lilacs are on their way out, though I managed to get quite a bountiful harvest this year and my peonies are just exploding with buds. I’ve had some disease in the peonies, roses and a few other plants, but I’m trying to stay on top of it and get rid of anything with black spots. It was just such a wet spring! Some beautiful irises bloomed in the front rock wall and there’s a bunch more in the back yard that usually take a bit longer, so I’m looking forward to seeing those soon. I discovered a strawberry patch I’d put in last spring and forgotten about, the rhubarb is growing tall and strong, so I’m hoping for a sweet harvest in a couple weeks. After his nap this afternoon, I’ll drop Emmett off with Nana and head out in the yard to chop down all the crispy foliage from the spring bulbs and see what else I can get to. Wish me luck!

How are your gardens growing?


  1. Oh my! So beautiful, lush and green! You guys are so far ahead of us…it doesn’t look like that around here until the end of June. :P I am still enjoying daffodils and raking up dead grass so the new green stuff can come up. The old-timers here won’t plant their starts in the garden until June 1st because they’ve been burned before by late frosts and snow storms. We tend to get certain things in the ground earlier than that, though. Luckily we have super long autumns here, so our growing season extends in that direction pretty far. Anyway, great work, your place looks beautiful and you’re doing so much!!

    • The crazy part is, we’re actually like a month behind! Crazy. Thanks for the encouragement, we’re getting there! Hope you get some sunny days and new shoots soon!