Easy Easter Cards

Tuesday afternoon, in attempt to distract Emmett from his constant summiting of our dining room table, we decided to make some Easter cards. I don’t usually make cards for Easter, but I thought it would be fun to give them to his grandparents and great-aunt, who is hosting our Easter meal this year. I’m not going to lie to you, at 15 months, using art supplies is craziness. I spent most of the time trying to keep him from eating the crayons and licking the dot paints. So don’t be fooled by these cute photos! It wasn’t nearly as perfect as it looks. While it was really fun for him and I’m glad I did it, we’re definitely a way off from the days when I’ll be able to sit peacefully next to him working on my own project.

We did have a good time though, and I thought the cards turned out pretty cute, so I thought I’d give them a share. Here’s what you’ll need for this simple little craft:

The steps are quite easy, but I tried to have everything as ready for Emmett to use as possible so we could maximize the time we had before his patience ran out. I originally wanted to do handprint flowers, but Emmett wasn’t interested in having his hand traced, so I decided instead that I’d have him color three different pieces of cardstock and simply cut tulip shapes out of each one. Don’t laugh at my “rustic” tulips! I taped three pieces of the cardstock I’d chosen for the flowers on the table and set the crayons, pencils and dot paints at the top of each piece. I quickly demonstrated how to use each one on the paper and let him have at it. Like I said, he needed quite a bit of supervision and constant reminders not to eat each tool, but that’s why I bought non-toxic crayons. Ha!

Later on, I cut out leaves and stems from the green cardstock, made the cards themselves from the blue and cut little tulips out of the best sections of his artwork. I ran upstairs and put together a little printable on the computer since I don’t love my handwriting, printed them out and glued those down inside the cards. We signed our names and delivered the cards to the mailbox. Though it would have been fun to make more, it was nice to have a little project that was so quick and easy to complete, as well as clean up!

Do you have big plans for Easter? There’s still time to make these sweet cards for the big day! Give ’em a shot!

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