Ordinary Day

I don’t know what it was about today, but today was perfect.

We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. In fact, we didn’t do much at all. We played, took naps, made some Waldorf stars to add color to these gray February days, hung Valentine’s Day decorations and made a meal plan for the week. We did laundry and made a quick visit to the farm, snuggled in the chair upstairs and read some books. And it rained, all day long. The kind of rain that steams up the insides of our old, thin glass window panes and creates a constant, soothing soundtrack for the day. The kind of rain that shelters you from the outside world, making you feel like your house might possibly be the coziest spot in the whole wide world. I’ve never minded the rain, preferred it in fact to snow and freezing temperatures, knowing that it does something for my soul that snow just can’t. And today the rain seemed to wash away the sadness that had settled in to my chest over the last few weeks.

I never could quite put my finger on any one thing responsible for my sadness, but it’s pretty common for me this time of year so I don’t put too much stock in it. It probably had a little to do with the state of our country and how sobering it is to be raising my sweet boy in a time of such turmoil. It was probably a bit of wishing we’d gotten the house we’d made an offer on, since I’d all but moved in in my mind. I’m sure the cold, gloomy weather had something to do with it. And I haven’t been sleeping well, which tends to make everything seem far worse than it actually is.

But today that heaviness lifted. Washed away by the waves of water that pelted the house time and time again, until I felt light and free to appreciate the little details of my life that make it so lovely. The bright light in our front rooms, even on a dreary day. The cheering affect of a few simple seasonal decorations strung across the windows. A sweet little boy who is in such a wonderful phase of exploration, discovery and communication. The freedom to stay home all day in my sweats, focused only on caring for my family, instead of juggling commitements and rushing about to meet deadlines.

I grabbed my camera during nap time and tried to capture my lightness in photos and the way it felt to just sit in our front rooms, planning the week’s meals and soaking in the gratitude I feel for this sweet, sweet life.

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