Life on the Farm: Vol. 11

It’s the end of January and pretty much still the middle of what’s turning out to be a formidable winter, but the last few days on the farm have been absolutely beautiful. Warm air, green grass, the bright golden sun, especially at that afternoon golden hour. Breathtaking. Monday afternoon Emmett and I ducked out of the house as soon as he was finished napping and walked over to the farm to ride some machinery. The kid’s first “word” was a tractor sound, so he is nothing less than ecstatic when we visit Dad at work.

January has been pretty quiet. Exactly what we needed after a busy holiday season. Slow days at home to enjoy the generous gifts we were given, read books, listen to good music and play with new toys. We moved our TV out of the living room and into the downstairs bedroom, which means that it only gets used if Taylor and I decide to watch something together after Emmett’s in bed. It’s truly been out of sight, out of mind, and I love the peace it’s brought into our lives. It’s no longer our go-to for evening entertainment, and I’m never tempted to turn it on in the slow hours of the afternoon just to pass the time. Now if I could just figure out how to get rid of my blasted cell phone, I’d be home free! Ha.

This month has also been a time of doing a lot of thinking and processing. I wasn’t able to attend the Portland Women’s March last weekend, and even if I could have, I’m not sure I would have. Being an introvert to the max, large public events like that aren’t exactly my cup of tea. But I was so very proud of the people who came together to have their voices heard, especially in my own neck of the woods. It’s always risky to share your opinion, especially on politics, but I’ll proudly say I felt it was so encouraging and hopeful to see so many people come together and stand up for what they believe in peacefully! This election has been really difficult for me to process and I’ve felt pretty afraid to share my thoughts and feelings in person, much less online, but I want to get better at doing so, as well as listening to others.

Being a woman of faith, a feminist, caring about conservation and the environment, as well as freedom and equality, well all of these things can feel pretty contradictory at times. I don’t line up with any one people group and I’m rarely able to see issues as black and white, so it can be hard to stand up and say “this is my specific opinion.” But I will stand up and say that in my mind, it is most important to be kind, compassionate, listen to each other, be slow to anger, quick to love, act justly, love mercy and strive for forgiveness.

The current president has not demonstrated any of these qualities to me, and regardless of the arguments that he has good economic policies or will make important supreme court appointments, well, even if those things are true, to me it’s not enough. I didn’t vote for him, I didn’t want him to win and I don’t think it’s un-American to say so. The freedom to express our disagreement with the government is literally one of the freedoms our country was built upon, and something we’ve fought to establish around the world. I think there’s a way to conduct your dissent that is thoughtful and respectful, and I will try to do so. But no one should be made to feel badly about disagreeing.

Though I believe deep down there is a plan for everything (not a plan that it all works out necessarily, but a plan just the same) and knowing someone else is in control brings me some sense of peace, it is and will continue to be a difficult thing for me to process. Thanks in advance for being respectful of my thoughts, and I promise that if you share yours, I’ll do the same.

Hope things are well in your neck of the woods, that’s all from our Life on the Farm these days. Happy Tuesday!