Intentions for 2017

I usually start my list of things I want to do in the next year around October. I’ll jot things down in my notebook, or log ideas in the notes on my phone. Scribble intentions down in between dishes and laundry or while I feed Emmett. Make a little note so I don’t forget. Eventually I’ll pull out my list and try to consolidate my thoughts into some sort of intelligible and achievable list of what some may call resolutions, run them by Taylor and force encourage him to do the same. So far, since it’s actually been 2017, I haven’t given them too much thought. I’ve been too caught up in these slow, cold days at home with my family.

After two summers on the farm, I know what to expect. I know that as year turns over, the weather warms and the sun starts to come out, our time with Taylor progressively grows shorter and shorter. It won’t be too long before our slow, lazy mornings where he meanders off to work after a good breakfast together, come to an end. It won’t be long before he’s logging long hours on a sprayer, rolling into the house just before dinner, or even after. With just enough time to kiss Emmett goodnight before we tuck him into bed. I can feel the busyness coming. I can see the solo summer days ahead. And so, while the back of my head is full of all sorts of dreams for the year ahead, all I’ve really wanted to do is enjoy the present. Savor the moments we have together while they are still bountiful and easy to come by.

Also, can we talk about how much snow we’ve had this year!? I mean, for Oregon. It’s been so great! I’m not a huge snow enthusiast in general, having grown up in a place where we usually had snow every winter, all winter. But man is it nice when it shows up around here in full force every couple years. Especially having the luxury of being a stay-at-home mama, with nowhere to go and nothing stressful about being stuck at home. These snow days have just been so, so lovely. I also really, really wanted to have some family photos taken in the snow this year, and was all set to have to drive to the mountains to do so, but we’ve had the opportunity for A TON of snow photos and I’m just tickled about it. I mean, how cute is that dang snowsuit!?

Anyway, without putting too terribly much thought into them, here’s my working list of intentions:

Travel to Alaska
Visit Crater Lake
Go camping as a family
Visit Mt. St. Helens
Hike in the Gorge
Hike in the Three Sisters

Mama Life:
Weekly adventures with Emmett
Attend a Montessori parent/child class
Read while Emmett plays (The Whole-Brain Child, How to Raise a Wild Child, Let Them be Eaten by Bears, A River Runs Through It and Other Stories, The Oz Series)
Take the extra time to teach him and let him help me
Spend time every day observing and listening to him

Grow photography
Put together a photo book of Emmett’s first year
Sew cross-back linen aprons for me and Emmett
Write consistently

Home Life:
Save for a new car
Save for a house
Move TV out of living room
Greatly reduce time on phone (leave plugged in upstairs during day)
Workout 3x per week
Take a yoga class
Continue with She Reads Truth study
Spend dedicated time reflecting and contemplating each day
Grow a simple garden
Keep it simple

I’m sure my list will change as we get into the year a bit but that seems like a pretty good start for now. 2016 was kind of a rough year for nearly everyone I know, so 2017 already feels like a breath of fresh air. A blank slate. Full of possibility. Bring it on 2017! I can’t wait to see what you have in store!

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