The Rice Family

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking family photos for two of my best friends and their families. We weren’t sure how the weather would be and we weren’t sure how the kids would do, but man I’m always so pleasantly surprised how enjoyable these family sessions are.

These two little girls are so spunky and sweet. The youngest is just six weeks older than Emmett and they have the best time together. I just loved making a total fool of myself trying to get them to smile. And I always, always enjoy coming right home, plugging my camera in and going through all of the photos. It always feels like a treasure hunt, not knowing what you got and then finding some real gems there in the mix. Perfecting the light, straightening things up a bit and sending about a thousand screen shots to my friends, dying over the cuteness.

At one and three, there’s no guarantee of getting any nice posed shots, which I actually kind of love. Catching these kiddos’ natural expressions is just so sweet and precious to me. Even when it’s a skinned knee, bonked head or special umbrella. Love them so!

Thanks for letting me capture your family, guys. Love you all.

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