Happy Halloween 2016!

Every year for Halloween when I was growing up, we’d head over to a friend’s house for a big Halloween Party. They lived in an awesome neighborhood- the trick-or-treating possibilities seemed endless– and it was a perfect excuse for all of the parents to get together and hang out. There’d be a big chili feed, mummy dogs, spooky punch, harvest chex mix and all sorts of other awesome Halloween goodies. The house would be decked out, everyone would be in costume and I used to get butterflies in my stomach as we drove up, so excited to see everyone and get the party started! There were costume contests, orange solo cups, treat bags, the giant candy trade at the end of the night. And most likely, parents hauling sticky kiddos home in a sugar-induced stupor. It was magical.

So this year, being that we all have kiddos now, and quite a few of us don’t actually live in neighborhoods, we decided to start this tradition ourselves. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect; Emmett hadn’t napped well, his teeth were driving him crazy, and we pretty much had a two hour window to work with before needing to head home for bedtime, but the minute we pulled up to the house, all my worries washed away. I felt just like I had as a kid.

We were greeted excitedly at the door by our friends, walked in to the warmth of their house and the smell of Taco Soup in the crockpot and all of a sudden, I was 8 again. Everyone buzzing around, so excited to see each other’s costumes. Hauling in trays of food and treats. Filling the house with noise and laughter and anticipation. Kiddos asking 100 times, “when are we trick-or-treating!?” And after a delicious meal, we hit the streets!

I was hoping it would be fun, but I just couldn’t have imagined how magical it would feel. I mean, everything has been more fun having a kiddo in tow, but the whole night was just perfect. Not perfect in the sense that there wasn’t tears or messes or anything like that. There definitely was. But all of us walking around the neighborhood together, watching our kiddos knock on doors and say thanks and giggle. Oh man, it just made my heart so happy. I managed to get a few shots of the kids (and parents) in action, and just looking at them this morning has filled my heart.

Let the many, many years of Halloween parties COMMENCE!

And can we talk about my freakin’ kid in that Wild Thing costume!? Alllllllll the heart eyes for that kiddo.

“The night Max wore his wolf costume and made mischief of one kind…and another…

his mother called him, “WILD THING!”

and Max said, “I’LL EAT YOU UP!”