Life on the Farm: Vol. 8

This time of year can be a bit tricky. Yes, harvest is over and we have our farmer back. Yes, the weather has turned and our house isn’t sweltering in the hot afternoons. Yes, the rain has returned and greened up the once dead surrounding fields. Things are easier, slower, quieter. But it’s still a time of recovery. Of transition. Of coming down off the craziness of harvest and attempting to settle into a whole new routine. Of trying to figure out how to best spend our days and especially take advantage of the new time we have together.

It’s hard for me to be patient. To not make lists of a million things I want to do now that we have Taylor back. To not overwhelm him with tasks and trips, hopes, dreams and wishes. It’s hard for me not to expect him to jump right into our daily routine, instead of giving him time to readjust. Patience is not my strongest suit, and there’s definitely been some growing pains.

This season has also been a bit tricky for me personally. Heading to Montana for a couple of weeks was wonderful, a perfect time to catch our breath from a busy season. But it also allowed us to skip right over the natural transition from summer to fall. When we got home, I felt a bit lost. I hadn’t looked beyond that trip, and all of sudden it felt like I had no idea what I was doing day to day. A couple of my friends who are also stay-at-home mamas echoed my sentiments, saying something like, “when you figure it out, let me know.” But I hadn’t felt this way all summer! While we were busy, I was up to my ears in things to do, day and night. We ran like a well-oiled machine and despite being pretty tired, I felt good about our days. It felt strange and a little scary to come home to a wide open schedule.

And rather quickly, I started to feel restless. Oh boy did I feel restless. My brain began to spin 100 miles an hour, all day and all night. All of a sudden I wanted, no NEEDED, to make a change. Needed to take charge of my feelings and DO something about it. I needed to start a new creative project. Get a part time job. Fix up the house. Buy a new house. Fix up that house. Move into town. Start a podcast. Join a gym. Clean the basement. Full steam ahead! 110%. LET’S DO IT. LET’S GO BABY!


One of the many, many reasons I married my husband is that he is a slow mover. He takes time, sometimes A LOT of time, to make decisions and to take action. And while that can be just as frustrating as it is valuable; for me, who tends to be a bit impulsive, it’s so very necessary. We’ve had quite a few good conversations about my feelings the last couple of weeks, he’s helped me sort through some things, pick things out that I really do want to work on or pursue, and advised me to maybe let go of the rest. Or at least give them some time. Though I hate to admit it sometimes, he’s really wise and I so appreciate his advice and counsel.

All that to say, though I’m not anywhere close to having it all figured out, I’m feeling content to take my time and sort things out. Sit in my discomfort a little and deal with it. Let things happen naturally, and to be committed to pursuing the things that really matter to me. So far: being a good wife and mama, keeping things simple and taking good care of our home, cooking and eating well, reading and writing (and taking photos!), pursuing friendships that are life giving, being outside and seeking adventure.

What does your daily rhythm look like? How do you decide what’s most important to you?