Garden Update: June 2016

I could have sworn I wrote a post earlier this year about how things ended up in my garden last year and what I planned to change/try this year. But I can’t seem to find it, and being that I spent the first part of this year caring for a tiny human and not so much plants, it doesn’t surprise me that maybe I never got to it. Anyway, I snapped a few photos yesterday of some of the things I have managed to grow this year, and thought I’d give you a little update.

If you remember, last year I was pretty ambitious and tried to start everything from seed. Once I failed at that, I kind of ended up with a random assortment of starts from the local nursery and grew a lot of things that I didn’t need. Summer squash for example. We had one quite prolific summer squash that I could not keep up with. There was a LOT of summer squash pizza last year, my friends. And, waaaay to much lettuce and kale.

I grew a heap of cherry tomatoes, which we just don’t ever seem to eat. But the threeΒ plants of regular tomatoes were all used as I canned my yearly batch of crushed tomatoes and am still using them for soups and sauces, so I added another plant this year and hopefully we’ll get a good crop.

Anyway, here’s a list of what I’ve planted (so far) this year. It’s a little sparse, see: tiny human, but I’mΒ still pondering some winter squash and more greens/kale. Adding “research fall gardening” to my to-do list.

Green Beans (6 plants)
Tomatoes (4 plants)
Shelling Peas (6 plants)
Hard Neck Garlic (6 plants)
Yukon Gold Potatoes (6 plants)
Jalepeno (1 plant)
Lettuce (6 plants)
Tuscan Kale (3 plants)

Lemon Verbena

Strawberries (just a few, mine kind of sucked this year)

I’ve also spent a bit more time observing and learning about the different plants and flowers that were already here. I’ve kept up on pruning my roses, trained one of the more wild, English roses to climb our light post, pruned my lilacs and am planning to tackle my peonies next. It’s been so fun seeing the plants change with just a little TLC. And I’ve hardly been without a fresh vase on my table all spring.

We just got to the cherries today, in nick of time, and will hopefully get to can this weekend. Taylor is a sucker for canned cherries.

Sometimes our giant yard and my little garden feel a bit overwhelming. Like no matter how hard I work or how much time I (don’t have to) put in, I’ll never be caught up. But every time I head out there and get my hands in the dirt, it never fails to make me feel better about life.

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul. -Alfred Austin

I hope someday when the weather is a bit nicer and my kiddo is older, I can spend even more time with my hands in the dirt, head in the sun and heart with nature.

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