Life on the Farm: Vol. 7

I can’t believe it’s already time, but here we are again at the beginning of harvest! The farmers started picking the first of the blueberries today- the ones for fresh market- and they are big, blue, beautiful and delicious! It’s so fun seeing all their work come to fruition. Now if only we could get a good price! Don’t get me started…

Taylor and his Dad have been working so hard to get the fields pruned, sprayed and watered, and all set up for the pickers arrival this morning. They contract with a local company who brings in about a hundred people to hand pick the first fruits so they can be sold fresh. Once this wave of picking is through they’ll start to pick with the machines at night. Those berries end up individually quick frozen (IQF) or turned into pulp for juice, etc.

We got a big bowl of fresh berries straight from the field for lunch and they are huge! Every year I’m impressed with the size and incredible flavor of our berries. Never tasted one nearly as good from the store. I’m planning to get out there this weekend and pick our yearly freezer stock. Gotta have those blueberry Sourdough Pancakes!

Anyway, after lunch Emmett and I ran over to the field to check things out. He’s been sporting his new blueberry outfit all day for good luck, and oh man did he look sweet up there on that fork lift with his Dad. I’m always so impressed with the time and care Taylor takes to show and teach things to our little guy. Emmett helped Dad move a palette of berries over onto the berry truck so he can take them to the processing facility later today. He was totally transfixed by the noise of the forklift and all the pickers working hard in the rows. I can’t imagine what was going on in that head of his!

Life on the Farm has been really sweet lately. We’re in such a fun stage with our little guy and I am just soaking up these early summer days with him where we have nothing to do but nap, nurse and lay on a blanket in the shade. I was thinking to myself the other day as I ran up the stairs to wake him up from his nap, listening to the fans try to keep this old house cooled down, how this is exactly what I pictured life being like when we had kids. Lazy summer days, visiting Dad on the farm, swimming in the farm pool in the afternoons and impromptu visits with family and friends.

Harvest time is always a bit crazy and we don’t see a ton of Taylor, but I’m just so very thankful for our sweet, simple life. And if you need us, Emmett and I will be here eating handfuls of blueberries and reading Jamberry 15 times a day.

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