Flower Class: Week Three

Flower Class- Week 3 (5 of 8) Untitled-1

So…I broke the rules a bit this week. Instead of following the lesson, I branched off (ha!) a bit and played with an idea of my own. I’ve seen too many beautiful, dramatic floral headpieces out there and couldn’t resist trying my hand at one. It’s not often that I get a chance to make a floral headpiece, so I figured it was worth stepping outside the box a little.

Flower Class- Week 3 (8 of 8)Flower Class- Week 3 (6 of 8)

Instead of a wire form to hold my flowers, I used a technique I learned at the Kinfolk wreath making class I attended in December and made a natural form out of willows. I wanted to achieve a look like reminiscent of the stunning Parker Fitzgerald Overgrowth series, so I kept everything on one side and chose a couple larger blooms to add a bit of drama.

I bound my willows with a bit of floral wire, but mostly weaved them together and slowly bent and tucked them in naturally. I did follow some of this week’s rules however, and attached the flowers using the technique Chelsea demonstrated. She created little bundles of flowers which she then wired to the main frame. It worked perfectly! I never would have thought of that on my own and definitely feel like that strategy will work well in other applications, like garland making.

I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed creating this head piece. I’ve often looked at styled wedding shoot photos and thought, “Who would actually wear one of those for their wedding?” But after putting mine together this week and feeling oh-so-Anne-Shirley-esque, I can see how one might feel quite nice with a head full of blooms. Now who wants to have a garden party?

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