Flower Class: Week Two

Flower Class- Week Two (2 of 4) Flower Class- Week Two (3 of 4) Flower Class- Week Two (4 of 4)

Second week into my flower class, and I’m still learning a ton and loving it! This week’s lesson focused on English Garden Arrangements, which is right up my alley. Half of the items I have pinned on my Flora board are arrangements in this style. I love the loose, natural look with lots of greenery and a few larger, focal flowers. When I thought about putting my arrangement together I had visions of lilacs, peonies, cherry blossoms and hydrangeas. Beautiful drapey greenery and budding branches.

The only problem? It’s January. I was pretty disappointed with the selection available to me this week and had to settle for a few flowers that I am actually not a huge fan of; tulips being one. I wasn’t super happy about my arrangement when I went to bed Saturday night, but when I woke up Sunday I had fresh eyes and realized that while it’s not the picture of springtime perfection I had envisioned, it was a nice, fresh, fragrant bouquet that I made with my own two hands. And for that I am grateful.

One thing I hadn’t really thought through before was how to make the arrangement asymmetrical and wild looking, but still appear neat and put together. Chelsea showed us how using a sort of “S” shape appeals to the eye, sometimes even more than a symmetrical arrangement might. I did pretty feel good about the way mine turned out as far as the overall shape and balance, despite my lack of perfect materials.

What kind of flowers would you grow in your English dream garden? I’m kind of obsessed by white hydrangeas. And blue. Mostly any flower in the hydrangea family. You?

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  1. I love doing “S” shaped/ asymmetrical arrangements! This is lovely.