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Essential Oils

I know, I know. Essential Oils, blahdy blah. You’ve heard it all before, it’s a worthless pyramid scheme, it’s just a trend, an overpriced hobby for desperate housewives. You’re sick and tired of seeing everybody’s Instagram posts of little brown glass bottles with colorful labels, and if you read one more caption […]

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Finding a Home

Every now and then I have a brief dalliance with another house. I’ll find one on Redfin, pour over its pictures and details, imagine myself moving in, remodeling, redecorating. I’ll ask my husband if we should go look at it, maybe even drive by real slow a time or two. […]

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The Myers Family

I’ve been having so much fun with photography lately. Between my sweet new nephew and this awesome family, I’ve had such a blast shooting and going through loads of photos. There’s just something about being able to capture a stage of life for people, to try and preserve moments, memories, places […]

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Maddox + Family

Last week I got a sweet new nephew. His name is Maddox and he’s just about the most perfect, beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. With a full head of thick, black hair and the softest little ears you could ever imagine. I am so thrilled he’s here! And Emmett is […]

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Grammy Time

My mom has been with us this week and aside from feeling so incredibly grateful just to have somebody around to talk to, it’s been so wonderful having her. Yes, she sweeps my floor and does my dishes, cleans up the yard and walks the dog, but more than that, I’ve just SO enjoyed […]

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Little Things

I’ve been feeling a little small lately. A little invisible. A little bit like if I fell off the face of the earth, maybe nobody would notice. Of course that’s not true. Obviously Emmett would notice, and mostly likely my husband, eventually. Ha! But feeling small is usually one of […]